Main responsibilities:

Sanya City Public Security Bureau in charge of the municipal government of the city's public security work, work functions.

(1) the implementation of public security work of the party and state guidelines, policies, regulations, rules, administration according to law. Under the leadership of the municipal government and the higher public security organs, the organization, the leadership of the city's public security work.

(2) the investigation, the master of the instability factor affecting the city's social and political stability and a variety of information to influence the city's social order and stability, analysis, research enemy, social conditions and dynamic criminals, put forward countermeasures and measur es for the municipal government and basis of the public security organs at higher levels of decision-making as well as the development of the work plan of the city public security.

(3) to prevent, deter and detect criminal activity.

(4) the maintenance of social order in our city, and prevention to stop acts that endanger the stability of the social order in our city, the organization coordinating the disposal of significant security incidents and unexpected events.

(5) the maintenance of the city's traffic safety and traffic order, prosecute road traffic violations and traffic accidents, motor vehicle license plates and motor vehicle driver or business management in accordance with, the organization to carry out publicity and education of traffic safety laws, regulations, participation on road traffic safety facilities planning, setup and management.